Best Camp Sites In Yosemite

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Best Camp Sites In Yosemite


“Best” has a different meaning to different people. When you’re talking about camp sites, people will have different opinions as to which location is best especially when it comes to Yosemite. Generations have enjoyed camping in Yosemite and for some families; going during the summer season is a family tradition. In Yosemite, there are campsites best for privacy and breathtaking views, there are also campsites that is best for rock climbing and parties. Here are some of the best campsites in Yosemite depending on your chosen activity.


Yosemite Valley

This is one of the campgrounds on the National Register of Historic Places. It is featured prominently in Nevada Barr’s Yosemite-based novel, “High Country”. Camp 4 is the best base camp for Yosemite base climbers. Young people and youthful energy abound in this campsite.


Tamarack Creek, Yosemite Creek


These are the best campsites if you want a “camp with a view”. Located off the Tioga Pass road, Tamarack Creek and Yosemite Creek put you on top of a valley and two major waterfalls. The rustic campgrounds have flushing toilets and drinking water can be drawn from the two creeks. Don’t forget to purify and boil the water for safety.


High Sierra Campgrounds

For privacy, great views and clear blue skies go to the six High Sierra campgrounds. These are great backpacking destinations with rugged trails that require advanced to intermediate skill. Reservations and wilderness permits are mandatory. Trekking on these sites is a lifetime memory to be treasured


Tuolumne Meadows Campground

This is for people who want flushing toilets, tap water and showers. The Tuolumne Meadows Campground has more than 300 campsites sitting along the Tuolumne River. Campers love this location because it is close to Yosemite Valley, several domes, lakes, and the Range of Light.

Campsite reservations are necessary for most of Yosemite’s campsites especially from March to September. However, there are campsites that are “first come first served”. There are a total of 13 campsites in Yosemite each with their own personality and views. Perhaps the best way to know which one is best is to experience all of them yourself.  


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